Many Kentucky families have had the experience of taking care of an aging relative. These relatives can have complicated medical and personal issues. Caregivers have an important relationship with their elderly relative and perform important tasks. Along with caregivers, an elder law attorney can offer valuable services.

Elder law attorneys work with seniors and their families and help with legal issues that people face as they age. An elder law attorney can also help caregivers explore options for their loved one’s current situation. A loved one may be facing a dementia diagnosis or a debilitating illness. An attorney can help plan for these situations.

An elder law attorney can help by:

  • Advise what is best for their client. Families can have differing opinions on what is best for their loved one. An attorney can offer third-party advice without bias that ensures the loved one is protected.
  • Plan for long-term care. Chances are an elderly person will need some type of long-term care during their lifetime. An attorney understands what lies ahead for families and can go over what kind of care is required and how to protect assets in case long-term care is needed.
  • Durable power of attorney. An elder law attorney can help a family prepare the necessary documents to have a durable power of attorney put in place. This person will make decisions for their loved one if they become incapacitated.
  • Medicaid. An attorney is familiar with how an elderly person can become eligible for Medicaid and can offer the family strategies in this regard.
  • Financial exploitation. Elderly people are especially prone to financial exploitation. An attorney can protect their assets from dishonest predators and report fraud or advise the children as to what may be going on.
  • Accurate answers. Family caregivers may have many questions as to how to help their loved one. An attorney who specializes in elder law understands what these families are going through and can provide the best advice for the situation.

Families who contact an elder law attorney can gain the peace of mind that their loved one is protected. They will know that they have done everything to make sure their loved one has the best possible care and that there will be no unexpected surprises.