You have probably heard the term, “elder law” but you may not fully understand what it is or where or when it applies. The loose definition of elder law is a set of laws that concern legal issues surrounding older people. What is meant by older people is generally people over the age of 65 years. Many people think of elder law as an extension of the laws governing estates and trust but elder law also applies in other areas.

Because the population of people over age 65 continues to grow in the United States, the need for lawyers who specialize in elder law also continues to grow in this country. As an older person, you most likely have more valuable assets that may need estate planning. If that is the case, it is probably wise to consider getting advice from a financial planner in addition to an elder law attorney.

Exactly what is elder law?

Elder law is the practice of advising and acting as the representative of older people and people with special requirements. Those requirements may involve medical needs and long-term planning needs, as well as acting on their behalf if they are unable to make decisions on their own. Those are just a few of the important areas that fall within elder care. There are many other areas (taxes, estate issues, etc.).

One essential goal of elder law is to ensure that the rights and desires of older people are protected and fulfilled according to what they want. Sadly, elder law is often viewed with prejudice and elder laws are in place and enforced to protect older people from being abused and/or neglected as well as protecting their rights from being violated.

Obtaining the advice of a knowledgeable elder care attorney

If you are an older person and you feel that your rights have been violated because of your age, it may be wise to seek the legal support and advice of a Kentucky elder law attorney who can educate you about your rights and about what you need to do to protect those rights. It is essential that you do what is best for you so that you can live a comfortable, deserved life. The support of an elder care attorney can go a long way to possibly making that happen.