Kentucky ElderLaw 20th Anniversary

Kentucky ElderLaw 20th Anniversary

Kentucky ElderLaw was established in 2002 when Founder Bernard (Bernie) Faller recognized an opportunity to help guide seniors and their families in the area. After a successful career in insurance sales, Bernie and his wife made a big move to Louisville, Kentucky, looking for a new adventure. Similar to many of us, Bernie was on the lookout for something new and exciting in his life. Law school immediately stuck out as a huge undertaking but also a great challenge. At a thriving 53-years-old, Bernie began law school and started thinking about which specialty he might want to pursue. At the suggestion of his wife, Bernie landed on elder care; as the Louisville Metropolitan area did not have any lawyers who specialized in this area at that time. After graduating in 2001 at a prime 56-years-old, Bernie opened his own law firm – the first elder care-based law firm in Louisville.

“We started with a phone, a desk and no clients, and built our skills and reputation one older citizen at a time. As we ourself aged, we were fortunate to find the right people to carry the firm forward, growing its skills and reputation while maintaining its sensitivity to the unique needs of the older community. For anyone up in years or dealing with special needs, this is the right place to go. You will end up with the best outcome within the limits of your facts, wishes and the law.”
-Bernie Faller

Similar to many other start-up businesses, the beginning was slow, however, business started to steadily improve once Bernie found his natural talent in public speaking. Speaking conventions and seminars gave Kentucky ElderLaw great opportunities to gain new business and assisted in the education of elder law to the public. Additionally, Bernie found the benefits that came along with advertising through print media, such as the Courier-Journal. Due to the increase in demand and cases, Kentucky ElderLaw came across the opportunity to grow its company. Fun fact: its first hires were a secretary and a paralegal! In 2009, Bernie moved Kentucky ElderLaw to its current location on Dupont Road after 6 years of 40-60% growth annually. Fast forward 20 successful years, Kentucky ElderLaw has been handed over to the capable hands of Partners Misty Vantrease (2012), Kelly Gannott (2012), and John Dotson (2013).

“Kentucky Elder Law, is and always has been, about helping people. Specifically older folks and those who care about them. Planning for the future, helping through difficult times, helping with a crisis. And the people who are working at Kentucky Elder Law care deeply. That is what makes the firm so unique and has made it so successful from the beginning.”
-Rhoda Faller

Since Bernie retired in 2013, Vantrease, Gannott, and Dotson have taken Kentucky ElderLaw to new heights. Offering new services such as Medicaid, Life Care Planning, and VA Benefits, the business has expanded to assist any elder care planning needs. Over the past 20 years, Kentucky ElderLaw has become the premier law firm for elder care in the surrounding areas of Louisville, Kentucky.

“We appreciate the foundation built by Bernie and Rhoda starting 20 years ago. We are proud of the hard work of all of the lawyers and staff of Kentucky ElderLaw over the last 20 years and are excited about the future with the opportunity to serve families throughout Kentucky and Indiana”
-John Dotson