When a loved one is showing signs of discomfort at living alone, you may decide to search for a long term care facility. 

Picking the best assisted living choice can involve looking at social, medical, and comfort factors. 

Beneficial care

According to the National Institute on Aging, if your loved one feels isolated or struggles with daily tasks, you may want to search for a care facility. Some places may have up to a hundred or more residents, while others may only house 20 or so people. 

The main task of the staff is to assist with daily activities and check up on residents if needed. While nursing homes are similar to assisted living facilities, they are typically for elderly people who cannot care for themselves in any capacity. Group homes and assisted living focus more on independence. 


After discussing the idea with any family or friends who have experience with assisted living, you may decide to personally visit a few places. Calling ahead once and then visiting a second time unannounced can help give you a more realistic sense of what life is like in that care facility. 

Next steps

Talking with both the staff and other residents gives you a good idea of what routine to expect from day to day. Taking note of the condition of the walls, floors and any other rooms will let you know if the building is well-kept. Abuse or neglect among elderly people, whether it is physical or emotional, can slip under the radar if you are not careful. 

Social activities are a large part of many residential facilities. Engaging in any communal events going on can help your loved one settle into his or her new home.