At some point, it is likely that you will have to step in and provide care for your parents, but deciding when that time has come is not always easy. There is no specific age at which every person begins to need more help because each person is different. 

U.S. News and World Report explains that you will likely have to do some investigation to uncover the signs that your parents need help because they will probably not tell you. People do not like losing independence, and many older adults think of needing help as being a sign they will become dependent on others. 

Changes in appearance 

If you notice that your parent who has always been a very neat and hygienic person suddenly is messy and unkempt, then this is a good sign something is wrong. You may need to ask questions and be observant to get to the bottom of things. It could signal a health issue or simply be a sign that your parent is physically unable to do the hygiene tasks he or she needs to do. 

Changes in health 

One of the top reasons why an older adult needs additional help is due to health issues. As your parents age, they will have natural age-related changes in their bodies, including loss of hearing and eyesight, decreased balance and slower mental facilities. While they may adapt and do fine, if health issues start to put them in danger of injury, then you probably should step in. 

Changes in personality 

A change in personality may come through in many ways, such as avoiding family gatherings or no interest in favorite activities. Such changes can signal deeper issues with mental health. You should discuss it with your parent to see what is behind the changes.