You may occasionally need to be away from your nursing home for short periods of time, and you may worry about reserving your bed so that you can return after your absence. As described by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, state Medicaid guidelines specify varying levels of reimbursement for a bed reservation if you are temporarily staying away from your nursing home. 

One of the reasons you may need to leave your bed is because you require hospitalization for an acute condition. If your hospital visits satisfy certain criteria, Medicaid will reimburse you for up to 14 bed reservation days in each calendar year. You may also wish to leave the facility for a therapeutic home visit or to enjoy a family celebration at the holidays. For these kinds of non-hospital absences, Medicaid will reimburse you for up to 10 bed reservation days each calendar year. 

Your Medicaid benefits for a bed reservation may vary depending on the facility’s occupancy rate. You may receive reimbursement at 50% if the facility’s occupancy rate is less than 95% and reimbursement at 75% if the facility’s occupancy rate is 95% or more. If your nursing home provides you with benefits like pharmaceutical services or physical therapy, the home must ensure that you continue to receive these services during an absence unless a hospital is providing such services. 

Your nursing home must make you aware of its bed reservation policy before you leave. Be sure to understand your facility’s policy before you set out for the hospital or a visit with family.