As your parents age, you need to start looking towards the future. While nobody really likes to talk about the end of their life, it is an important conversation to have with your parents. Putting a Kentucky estate plan into place is important. It is something that will affect you, so it can help to make sure that your parents have one in place. However, since this is a delicate subject, you want to proceed with caution. 

Money Crashers explains that you need to work with your parents on their estate plan in a way that does not seem pushy or that anyone else could see as manipulative. The last thing you want is your parents to shut down and refuse to talk about it. Also, you do not want your relatives later claiming you coerced your parents or influenced what they put in their plan. 

You should talk about this with other in your family and let them know what you are doing. Make it clear that you leave all decisions up to your parents and that you welcome others to be a part of the discussion. 

With your parents, approach them by inquiring about what plans they have in place. Seeing what they have done thus far can help you know what the next steps might be. You should also not just focus on the documents pertaining to after their deaths. Ask about healthcare directives and a power of attorney in case they should become unable to manage their own affairs. 

You do not want to force them into creating documents, but rather give them ideas and help guide them to putting together a cohesive estate plan. This information is for education and is not legal advice.