We Can Submit The Medicaid Application For You; You Do Not Have To Go To The Medicaid Office

Medicaid regulations are variable and complex, and they change frequently. Going to the Medicaid office to apply for Medicaid eligibility is an arduous process.  It can often take multiple visits to provide the required documentation for Medicaid approval.  It is helpful to know what you need ahead of time, and have someone who is well-versed on Medicaid regulations go to the Medicaid office on your behalf.

At Kentucky ElderLaw, PLLC, we compile a comprehensive package for the Medicaid application and make the Medicaid application FOR YOU.  We meet with our clients as many times as needed prior to the Medicaid  application to gather all the needed information.  Prior to making a Medicaid application, we will review all required documents to make sure we have the necessary information needed to make the Medicaid application.

If You Do Not Qualify, We Will Be Honest With You

If we think you are not currently Medicaid eligible, we will tell you. If at all possible, we will advise you as to what is necessary to make you Medicaid eligible. There is no point in filing for Medicaid if you are not eligible unless it is part of a Medicaid plan we have created for you.

Get Our Help With Your Medicaid Application

The caring lawyers at Kentucky ElderLaw, PLLC, can help you obtain, fill out and submit a Medicaid application. Get a free consultation at our convenient locations in Bowling Green or Louisville. Call the firms at 502-581-1111 or 270-467-0002 , respectively. You can also contact us by sending an email.