There are many aspects of life that demand people in Kentucky’s attention. Daily life provides enough to worry about plus people try to plan for future aspects of their lives as well. As people deal with these aspects of life it is easy to overlook one of the only guarantees of life, which is the fact that everyone will pass away at some point in time. While this is a guarantee, people still do not know when they will pass away.

Many people may know that having a Will is important, but it may be something that people think they can put off until they are older. This could be because they plan on living for many more years or because they think they do not have enough assets to worry themselves about a Will. However, it is a good idea for parents of young children to have a Will because they can name guardians for the children in their Wills.

Importance of naming guardians

Children need someone to care for them while they are minors. This is typically the parents’ job. If one passes away, it simply falls on the other spouse to care for the children, but what happens if both parents pass away in an accident at the same time. In these situations, the parents will need someone and they can name who they want caring for their children as a guardian in their Wills. They can also name an alternate guardian in case their first choice is unable or unwilling to act as guardian.

Caring for children is one of parents’ most important jobs in Kentucky. This is why it is important for even young parents to have a Will. They need to ensure the proper people are caring for their children if they tragically die before their children become adults. It is important that these Wills are drafted properly though to ensure they are valid. Experienced attorneys understand the requirements of a valid Will and may be able to guide one through the process.