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What Level Of Kentucky ElderLaw Service Works Best For You?

Estate Planning Medicaid/VA Planning Life Care Planning
Care CoordinationMany families need help coordinating care that their loved ones require as their conditions progress. Our elder care coordinators work to connect families with care providers who can assist at those various stages. This can be especially helpful when family members live out of town or have busy lives.
Client Advocacy People have a legal right to safe, effective, and patient-centered long-term care. Our life care plan program protects those rights. Our attorneys and elder care coordinators provide advocacy services that empower family and caregivers and protect the quality of life of elders.
Asset Protection A vital part of long-term care planning. It can protect your finances and assets, even when you are in an expensive nursing home.
Medicaid Benefits Medicaid helps pay for the nursing home and home care (and in some states assisted living) for those who qualify. We position you to obtain benefits without spending all of your own assets.
VA Benefits Benefits for veterans and their surviving spouses to help pay for home care, assisted living, or the nursing home.  These benefits are available even if the veteran did not retire from the military, serve overseas, or suffer injuries while on duty.
Estate PlanningCreation of a strong power of attorney that allows for long-term care planning; a will and/or trust that helps protect assets where appropriate and makes things easier on loved ones when you pass; a health care surrogate so whom you choose will determine your health care if you cannot; and a living will so you make your end-of-life decisions rather than making your family  do that.