Medicaid Application Submission

We can submit the Medicaid application for you and you do not have to go to the Kentucky and Indiana Medicaid office!

Medicaid regulations are variable, complex, and change frequently.  Going to the Medicaid office to apply for Medicaid eligibility may be an arduous process, a cross between going to the IRS and a root canal.  Many [but not all] Medicaid caseworkers are friendly and courteous but the process itself is adversarial and can be quite stressful.

It is helpful to know what is needed ahead of time and to bring the required information and the correct documentation with you when you go to the Kentucky Medicaid office.

We assist clients with Medicaid Application Submission.

We meet with our clients for two or more visits prior to the Medicaid appointment to gather all the needed information.

We carefully go through all the provided records to ensure that we can answer any questions that arise and explain all financial transactions to the caseworker, especially unusual transactions.   If we think you are not currently Medicaid eligible, we will tell you.  There is no point in filing for Medicaid if you are not eligible, unless it is part of a Medicaid Plan we have created for you.

Many folks have listened to advice heard from well meaning friends, financial advisors, banks, funeral homes, CPAs, attorneys and social workers in the Nursing Home who usually do not go to the Kentucky Medicaid office, who do not know what the regulations really are and what can be done to preserve assets.  Much of this information is just plain wrong.  We have even had instances where someone has gone to a Medicaid office on their own and been given completely wrong information from a State Medicaid worker and made very expensive mistakes.  The State will acknowledge these errors but will not reimburse you for their errors, which could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Based on this wrong information, actions may have been taken prior to coming to our office that violate Medicaid’s asset transfer rules.  If at all possible, we will advise you as to what is necessary to bring everything back into compliance.  In other words, the first thing we do after we are hired is fix what you did, if necessary, and if possible.  The complexity of our remedial work may impact our fee.

We compile a comprehensive package for the Medicaid appointment to be given to the Medicaid worker.

We then go to the Kentucky Medicaid office for the client.

Since we are frequent visitors to the Medicaid office, we are well known by the Medicaid workers.  We are well liked and highly respected since we are prepared, accurate, and truthful and thus make the Medicaid worker’s life easier.

We work within Medicaid regulations; we do not hide anything.

When we work with you, you are no longer alone in this complex, often frustrating and upsetting process.

Our fee is paid by the Medicaid applicant [our client] and not by the family, even if most or all of our contact is with the family members.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with us, please feel free to contact us, we’re here to help.

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